I'll cut straight to the chase.  This is in my top 3 favourite shoots ever.  

Yes, it combined two elements (Athletes in motion and Nightscapes) that I absolutely LOVE to shoot!  Yes, I got to fly to Sweden to create this, and yes it was my first shoot for Nike.  Tick, Tick, Tick.  But I've come to realise that the more challenging and 'high pressure' a shoot is, the more I love it.

Creating a new image, and delivering for my clients is an incredible rush and addictive high for me. It's an electrifying, powerful surge of satisfaction, and a feeling heightened on shoots like this.  What drives me most as a Photographer is chasing that feeling, chasing that pressure to deliver and that opportunity to improve. 

I'll delve into the challenges of shooting through the night, and the process of creating these images on my forthcoming Youtube Video.  This post is all about how this shoot made me feel.  And that feeling was mind blowing.

Huge thanks to my UK Sports Director Christopher Sleet, all the teams at Nike and RGA, and to my Digital & Lighting crew in Stockholm for a superhuman effort.