After shooting a stills campaign with the Track Mafia running crew last year - I was inspired to return and create a short film about them.

Co directed and produced with my Good Planets partner Tobias James, here's the first of 3 trailers for that.

The Track Mafia isn't just about running.  It's their unique community and the inspiring people that make up the crew.   So we chose to structure our short film around 3 of those characters, and weave a little of their stories into a track session.  It's not just about the time and miles on the track - but the mental preparation and visualisation before those sessions too.

The key to shooting the track session itself was about staying present and alert in that moment and energy ourselves.  Reactive film making, keeping up with the fast motion and ever changing emotions of the athletes.  

To achieve this, we decided on a mixed digital approach.  One operator on our main Arri Alexa camera, with 2 other operators using more mobile Sony a7r3's on gimbals and longer lenses.   

Do check out the film in the motion section here.  :)

Huge thanks to Kieran Clancy (from Happy Finish) on the colour grading, art direction from Derek Man, and to all the Track Mafia athletes for their energy and so much fun to work with again.