Breathe GB is a new campaign I shot and conceptualised which aims to cut air pollution and unleash Britain’s sporting potential.

As a Dad myself and raising my son in central London, creating this campaign with the teams at Weglimpse and Airteamuk is extra special for me - and I'm so happy to see it go live.

With 2020 being an Olympic year, we set out to create visuals reflecting Olympic campaign imagery of the past, with Britains future sporting champions as the stars of the show.

If you'd like to know more about the campaign and the positive change it is looking to inspire, head on over to - and I'd be really grateful if you'd share this to help raise awareness too.  Thank you.

Big thanks to my partners at Good Planets for creating this behind the scenes video too.  

Here's a little info from that site: 

Children who play sport in urban areas are regularly exposed to illegal levels of air pollution, could have their lung growth stunted by up to 14%.

The Good news is Evidence strongly suggests that immediate action to reduce air pollution could have significant effects on children’s health and physical wellbeing. A landmark study in California demonstrated that children with stunted lung development living in areas of high pollution showed increased lung development when local air pollution levels were reduced.

Our campaign is calling for the introduction of Clean Air Zones in all major UK cities and for the Government to adopt WHO guidelines on air pollution by 2030 at the latest. Air pollution is holding our children back. Together we can beat it and unleash their true potential.