'I Run for Justice, I Run for Equality, I Run for Peace' - Deo Kato.

Back in July, myself and Tobias James (as Good Planets) had the pleasure of filming and photographing Ultra Marathon Runner and Activist Deo Kato.

On June 6th 2020 after the murder of George Floyd by a US police officer, Deo started the Running For Justice campaign, to raise awareness against racial injustice, inequality and to call for peace. The campaign is inspired by the Montgomery Bus Boycott that started on December 5th 1955 and lasted for 381 days ending segregation on the public transit system in America on December 20th 1956.  The running streak was to run a minimum of 10km every single day for 381 days.   

381 days has turned into a movement that continues to grow everyday - as Deo's achievement has inspired many to follow his footsteps and run 10km everyday to support the cause.

To find out more, and support Deo - check out his IG - https://www.instagram.com/deoruns_381/