Really special to be working with Denise Lewis and the team from Next again on this active wear shoot - and here's a preview into our final shoot of the year together.

From a sustainability, creative and time efficiency perspective, it's wonderful to light these shoots with LED's.  Using LED's reduces the Co2 emissions considerably compared to shooting with traditional flash units - and as we're also filming video sequences throughout the day it means we can use the same lighting set up and thus create more in the same time for the client.   Creatively, and in terms of image and lighting results, there's no reduction in quality- which is only possible the past few years as LED and Camera + sensor technology has significantly improved.  Love that...

Big ups to everyone from Next, Denise and the creative dream team of

Art Direction - Liz Thody

H & MU - Bjorn Krischker and assistant Danielle Van Cuyck

Styling - Emma Lane

Seamstress Vikkie Tarbuck

Prop Stylist - Vicky Robinson

Digi - Maria MP

Lighting - The OJ

My Agent - Pam Nolan

Benjamin Dreamer and the Production Factory on logistics

Shot on Sony A1.