A career highlight as a sports photographer and director, this one meant a lot.  Like a LOT.  After 5+ years of work to make this happen, last minute cancelations in March 2020, and a whole lot of visualising :) it surpassed all the high expectations I had for the experience.   

The Speed Project is an unsanctioned non stop relay running race from Santa Monica Pier in LA, finishing at The Welcome to Las Vegas sign (via some intense Death Valley terrain).  

With 65+ teams (of mainly 6 people) from around the world and all the support teams and RV's, the positive energy at the 4am start is wild.  A thick mist descended on the oceanfront in LA to add to the atmosphere - and the intensity of the emotions didn't let up for a second over the coming days.  

'No Spectators' is the hashtag, and by that a meaning of 'everyone supporting each other' to achieve a common goal.  It's the most dangerous race of it's kind in the world, and in the words of co-founder Nils Arend "it's not if, but when someone doesn't make it alive to Vegas".

The spirit of togetherness and possibility is so evident throughout, the experience was something I'll eternally be grateful for.  It's so expansive, and changes your perspective forever.  Almost beyond words.  And I'll be back for 2023. 

As I type this, myself and Tobias James (us as Good Planets) are editing the short film we also shot during the experience.  Creatively, and aesthetically it's like nothing we've created before.

The biggest thanks ever to Cass and all the team and support crew from the 2 Girlab teams we spent most of the time with, to Nils, Scotty, Vash, Hakim and all the TSP crew.   

Stills shot on Sony A1.

Motion Shot on Sony a7s3.

*The Carbon emissions created on this shoot were fully offset using the AD Green CREATIVE OFFSET