This week I completed the Sustainable Production training by Ad Green

In a nutshell ' AdGreen unites the ad industry to eliminate the negative environmental impacts of production, and enable our community to measure and understand waster and carbon impacts'.
I found the training very eye opening, and full of practical and actionable steps to make shoot productions, and indeed life in general less impactful on the planet.  They have a bunch of tools, including their carbon calculator to work out areas to make your production less carbon intensive.  I don't think we can underestimate the impact our individual actions can have, and the influence we can collectively have together - so if you're in the creative industries I can't recommend this highly enough, and appreciate you for passing this on to anyone you feel might be interested.  Thank you.
Here are 10 key actions we can do, from the many solutions discussed in the AD Green training:
1) As photographers and directors, we should work with our clients and ad agencies to rework / remove carbon intensive script or creative elements
2) We must power our own pre and post production spaces with 100% renewable energy sources - and choose studios and shoot locations that do the same. The difference in CO2 emissions between locations powered this way, and those not is staggering.
3) Where possible, use LED light sources as opposed to tungsten / flash to light scenes. This is increasingly easier for stills and motion shoots because of the vast technological improvements in both LED lighting solutions, and also sensor technology in our cameras - all with no loss of quality to our end outputs.
4) Use Electric vehicles where possible for transportation, and trains over planes. If members of the client / ad agency teams can be on the shoot remotely as opposed to fly in, do that to reduce overall CO2 emissions. Also look to use as many local crew members as possible.
5) Use catering suppliers that use locally produced food, with an emphasis on vegetarian and vegan heavy menus.
6) Large set builds should use sustainable sourced materials. Consider VFX if possible as an alternative.
7) Discuss reuse / rehoming plans for any set build items, props, costume and food - aim for zero waste.
8) Avoid all single use plastic, and recycle, re-use and compost where possible.
9) Encourage a reduction in materials in art, wardrobe, food styling and make up departments.
10) Carbon offsets are good, but a last resort once you have first minimised all the CO2 emissions you can on the shoot production
Please pass this on to others in the industry, as the more knowledge we all have the better solutions we can all come up with together.... Thank you
Link for you to find out more:

(BIG thanks to Ella from Spindle Films for making me aware of this)