This week myself and Tobias James (as Good Planets) had the privilege of filming the legend Sir Tony Robinson.

The shoot was even more special because we also got to welcome Joel Akuwudike from Badu Sports as production assistant on set. It means a lot to myself and Tobias to make this kind of creative opportunity happen whenever possible, and pass on some of our industry knowledge and experience in this way. We really appreciate your hard work and positive energy on set Joel - and the fact that you were mega mega early and the first to arrive.. :) It's the first of many more shoots together with you and Badu. Thank you Franklyn Edwards for setting that up.

Special arigato to my creative partner in crime Tobias for bringing his own comedic genius to the script writing, and pre production.... Next level skills mate :)

A huge thank you to Tony, and everyone we created with on set that day. So many, many laughs...