I’m stoked to be a shareholder of Lewes FC, and support their goals of equality.

Back at the start of the year, myself and Tobias visited the famous Dripping Pan stadium in Lewes (voted the UK’s best football stadium for a reason), to cheer their Women's 1st team to a 2-0 victory over Sunderland.  Welcomed and given a tour of the ground by the superwoman that is their CEO Maggie Murphy, from the moment we arrived were blown away by the match day experience and family feel of the club.

A little background on the mighty Lewes FC…. Back in 2017 they led from the front to become the first gender equal club in the world. ‘They equalised the playing budgets and resources they allocate to our men’s and women’s teams, and from that Equality FC was born’.

The club is 100% fan owned, with the goal of eclipsing FC Barcelona as the club with the most fan owners in world Football.  With an approach that’s anchored in success on the pitch leading the way for everything else, ‘Football for good’ runs through their DNA, and they’re boldly and progressively taking on the injustices prevalent in the game today.  Acutely aware of the impact the world's most popular sport has on society, they are using that power to create change way beyond the boundaries of the pitch.

Last time I counted, there are close to 1.2 million standout stories and reasons why this club is special :) and why when the universe and shoot schedules align, I have no doubt we’ll return to create something epic together with them.   

Until then, come on you Rooks!