From getting the 'death stare' from Rugby legend, Alun Wyn Jones, Olympic chats with Dina Asher-Smith, and many of my experiences photographing and filming elite level sports women and men, this was a special conversation with Lennie and Ruby from Truant London.

We chat about the power of 'flow states', no limit mentalities and people, Good Planets short films Wali and The Speed Project, and lot more.

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Massive arigato to Lennie and Ruby for their creativity and work to make this happen, and for being brilliant interviewers.

Being on camera myself, and opening up like this would to be honest have scared the shit out of me a few years back. But having eyeballed that fear a while ago, and accepted that it was based on my fear of being judged, and on a deeper level, not ever being enough - I can say that I love this type of experience now.

A big reason why I'm doing more and more of this, is to pass on my experience and knowledge from the past 16 years in the industry - in the hope that it helps someone out there on their own journey.

Big ups to Chris Jefford for inviting me on their show! To all my friends here, get involved and go subscribe to their podcast - so many banging episodes in the series to enjoy.

all the love, all the power!


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