Exciting news my friends!

The Good Planets Podcast show is live... And I'm thrilled to share a little teaser clip from Episode 001.

Deep bow of gratitude to Nana Badu (Founder and CEP of Badu Sports), the star of our first show.

Join myself and Tobias James as we interview inspirational humans from the worlds of Sports, Creativity, Environment, and Peak Performance - often with a little sprinkling of Spirituality on top.

In each episode we dive into our guest's stories, exploring the highs and the valuable lessons they can pass on to help us on our own journeys.

Recorded at Badu Sports studio, huge thanks to Joel Akuwudike, Wesley and the wonderful team at Badu for making this happen.

You can watch the long form videos on my youtube channel here - https://www.youtube.com/@goodplanets7366

Or listen to the audio on Spotify - here https://open.spotify.com/show/7fYR6HhQVaWNUqNMOb2ZkP

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